If the original contract has been extended (or if there is a new contract on the same terms), the termination provisions of the original contract may apply, where possible and as far as possible, in accordance with the other terms and practices of the parties. However, since the original term has expired, the most likely outcome is that the court implies a clause that the contract will continue on an ongoing basis, subject to a reasonable right of termination. If, in a contract, you refer to the termination of that contract and the contract uses the terminate verb by referring to both the end of the term and a party terminating the contract, a reasonable reader would conclude that you are referring to any form of termination. But if the duration of a contract is indicated using the nomic clause, as in The duration of that agreement is three years from the date of that agreement, the fact that the contract did not use the verb cease with the indication of the clause would give an angry space to the contracting party to argue that the end of the term means expiry of the contract rather than termination. Therefore, if the contract does not use the terminated verb in the term indication, you explicitly refer to the end of the term and to the parties who terminate the contract if you consider that the provision covers both types of termination; Similarly, the reference to the relevant parts of the treaty would be even clearer. Being explicit in this way would also be beneficial if the contract uses the terminated verb to express the end of the term – the reader would not have to check the terminology used in the termination rules to understand what termination means. In addition, the use of termination provisions instead of expiry provisions is not conteshensible, as there is no possible confusion as to the importance of the termination provisions on August 23, 2015. This could apply to service providers where a single-year fixed-term contract does not contain price review or pricing provisions. A service recipient could also be affected if the contract that expired is exclusively for the provision of services.