Learn grammar rules to find the theme of your sentence and conjugate the verb correctly. Understand what verbs and subjects are and what a verb-subject chord is. In this video, you will learn all about the agreement between the subject and the verb. Some themes go with singular verbs, and plural themes go with plural verbs. How to identify individual or plural topics and overcome some of the challenges. The way English is spoken and written in different places can sometimes be very different. Find out some ways to manage these variations. Find out the difference between formal and informal speech and how it is used. MAN When I arrive in England, when I look at the houses and I see, I thought they were factories, because everything is together. MAN English is spoken and written by a point of eight billion people, or nearly a third of the world`s population. With so many voices, it`s no wonder that the English language has more accents and dialects than anyone in the world. WE`VE BEEN IN TOWN A LOT FOR A WEEKEND. At the library.

Madam I remember everything about the fish dock and the tugs, because we were there on a Sunday morning. Letters to friends, applications, letters of complaint and letters to school. Exercise in the search for double negatives in a formal letter. MAN I built a fairly large pigeon loft and joined the local association. It was partly grazing the arable land part of the pasture harvest that the farm was. WOMAN Of course we had our nannies and the nursery girl and Ethel was a big favorite.