The contract covers all bargaining units, reads an email sent Saturday afternoon to all AES members. These discussions were delayed over the summer and delayed by the addition of a new bargaining unit for computer employees. As a result of collective agreements, all salary increases are part of the Board of Directors` approval program. More than four weeks into the school year, Spokane Public Schools and their teachers` union have reached a preliminary agreement on a new contract. “There`s an agreement in principle,” Brian Coddington, the borough`s director of communications and public relations, said Saturday night. November 2019: CBAs 2019-2022 are now online. Members of the Spokane Education Association voted on October 8, 2019 to ratify the latest treaties. These are three-year contracts. “We`re just glad we were able to reach an agreement,” said Jeremy Shay, president of the Spokane Education Association, which represents all certified and ranked employees who work in the district. At the same meeting, Shay told board members that the lack of a provisional contract “continues to lead to the uncertainty, stress and frustration we are experiencing.” The salaries of building managers will increase by 2% compared to the previous year.

According to experience, elementary school principals earn between $111,261 and 128,981 $US. college principals from $116,825 to $135,432; and high school principals from $122,666 to $142,201. Payment for para-educators is on time – $19.10 after 4 years for a para 1. The school year began the next day with differing views on how teachers and students deal with large class sizes, small employees and other effects of budget cuts announced last spring. The new calendar will come into effect on July 1 for the first two categories and September 1 for ranked workers. If the members ratify, the school board must approve the contract. The base salary of the highest teachers in Spokane Public Schools will exceed US$100,000 per year for the first time, according to a salary scale approved Wednesday night by the district council. Meanwhile, Henry abruptly resigned at the end of August to take a position within SEA`s parent organization, the Washington Education Association. A beginner teacher with a bachelor`s degree and no experience should earn 50,424 $US. It will be October 8 at Shadle Park High School, when members meet to learn the details of the treaty and likely vote on ratification.

Classified staff will experience minor increases. A childcare assistant with four years of experience earns $38,650, while a chief administrator earns $56,493 $US in a high school after nine years of work. At a board meeting on September 11, school leaders told a board meeting that the school year had started strongly. The payment is a little higher for the space. After 4 years in the district, a Level 1 gardener earns US$40,648….