Left Lai Khe after Junction City II and went into the area north west of Lai Khe, finally ending up at the Michelin Plantation at Doau Tieng.

Operation Manhattan - Lunch Break, Day 1

Lunch Break on Day 1

3rd Squadron HQ

3rd Squadron HQ, Doau Tieng

The fast way out - Fly Red Horse!

Fly Red Horse Airlines!

The troops moving out, you can see our PRD-1 along the right edge of the picture

The troops moving out.

The 3rd Squadron captured some radios during the operation.

Captured Viet Cong radios.

VC radio. It appeared to have originally been a American Korean War vintage, that had French nameplates riveted to it. It had been extensively modified.

Captured VC radio.

11th Cav Tracks. Start of Operation Manhattan

11th Cav Tracks.

409th. Breaking Camp start of Operation Manhattan

409th. Breaking Camp.

Your eyes are seeing good - yes tracks in the jungle!

11th Cav on the move.