… In accordance with the tripartite agreement reached on August 7, 1976 between the petitioner company, the State Government and the Electricity Board, any changes to electricity rates with regard to… Period from July 1, 1980 to November 21, 1980, when the amended provisions came into force, taking into account the existing provisions of the tripartite agreement. Since such a quarrel of… the Court of Justice at the time of the transfer of the appeal, should be facilitated by the address which, with regard to the tripartite agreement, the National Electrical Chamber of Karnataka cannot argue the … The Dubai Court of Cassation therefore issued a final judgment on the main case and on the counter-appeal procedure. The judgment ordered the promoter to pay the bank the amount of AED 38.5 million to the principal and, as part of the counter-action, the bank was to pay the company the 8.5 million AED it had paid to the promoter in the form of a down payment. This judgment was made on the basis of the transfer of the rights of the company by the bank under the tripartite transfer contract signed by the three parties. … was appointed to the affiliated college, consisting of four phases.

Later, on the basis of the tripartite agreement between the state government, the University of L.N.M and the Workers` Association, it was agreed that… petitioner may be placed at another college at the University of L.N. The petitioner was absorbed in accordance with the aforementioned tripartite agreement. After its absorption, the issue was raised… The respondents are required, in light of the tripartite agreement, to respect the tripartite agreement and cannot now reopen the issue of the petitioner`s reception. have… Owners, senders and recipients have entered into conversations to decide where the remaining load should be unloaded. During these discussions, the owners commenced arbitration proceedings against shippers in connection with the travel charter and against recipients under the bill of lading. The interviews resulted in a written agreement between the owners, shippers and recipients of June 27 (the “tripartite agreement”). These three parties must sign a tripartite agreement worthy of the document`s name when a buyer chooses a home loan to purchase a home in a basic project. The bank sued the Dubai Courts against the developer and the company to terminate the tripartite transfer contract and the separate agreement signed between the developer and, in addition to the order requiring both parties to repay AED 38.5 million, the total amount for the purchase/financing of the shares.

Of the 38.5 million euros AED, made available to the developer, received AED 8.5 million (approximately $2,322,404) paid by the purchaser as the first down payment (before the execution of the transfer contract), with the remaining AED 30 million (approximately $8,196,721) being paid by the bank (after the execution of the transfer agreement). … the independent arbitrator for the settlement of the dispute between the parties. 2. In short, the applicant`s case is that a tripartite agreement of 1.9.1999 between… The plaintiff and the respondent and, within the meaning of section 12 of the tripartite agreement, the dispute between the parties must be resolved by a panel of arbitrators and, given that the dispute exists, the… application. 3. Respondent No.

1, in filing the reply, objected to the motion, which invoked the means of not surviving the tripartite agreement of 1.9.99, since, subsequently, at his request… Tripartite agreements are usually signed for the purchase of units in basic projects. … Article 16 of the tripartite agreement of 14.11.2005, Article 6 of the complementary tripartite agreement of 19.7.2006 and Article 11 of the second complementary tripartite agreement of 19.9.2005… agreement of 29.1.2004 and other agreements between the parties. » 2.