In virtually all residential real estate transactions, the seller pays all commissions and the buyer receives all the benefits of professional representation. The buyer`s commitment to paying your buyer broker fees is essentially limited to a very small segment of the market, especially for sale by homeowners (FSBO) homes. Even in this tiny market segment, on average, more than 50% of these FSBO sellers promote a buyer-agent tax. The seller or builder of a property is represented by the listing agent. When negotiating the price and conditions, the seller has a lawyer who represents his interests, but unless the buyer has entered into a purchase agency agreement with an agent, his interests are not represented. In fact, if you work with an agent without a “buyer`s agency agreement,” the agent is prohibited from giving you professional advice or advice – to do so would be to practice an undissured dudal agency. If you are looking at a property listed on Georgia MLS or FMLS, the seller has already agreed to pay the agent`s commission for you. You will never have to pay your buyer`s agent unless the property is not listed and the seller does not agree to pay a commission. If this service is essentially free for you, why would you choose not to get professional representation? Without a “buyer`s agency,” there is no representative who seeks the buyer`s interests. The listing agent is legally required to represent the seller`s interests, including when purchasing new buildings.

Buyers who submit to work and additional risks generally pay the same price for homes, as if they had used a buyer`s agent — probably more. What do you mean? Sellers and builders do not lower the price of a home simply because a buyer does not have a buyer`s agent – some buyers are not aware of this fact. Unrepresented buyers are a dream agent listing, there is no commission sharing. No, not at all. But there are few legitimate reasons not to use an agent when buying real estate. In most cases, the seller pays the commission anyway, and if the money is to be saved, the commission is always negotiated between the listing agent and the seller, NOT the buyer and seller. Most By Owner sellers promote “protection agents,” which means they pay the buyer`s agent commission. Why do you risk spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a property without representation? In Georgia, a real estate agent can only legally represent you if you have entered into a written agreement for the agency (which is known as the exclusive buyer brokerage agreement). Many clients do not understand why an agent would ask them to sign an agreement before showing houses, but in reality, the agent acts in your best interest. To make sure you have an agent, you need to check and sign an exclusive buyer brokerage contract with your broker.

Customers receive a much higher level of service and protection than when they go alone and let the listing agent execute the transaction.